Anyone who says governors didn’t show concern on people’s sufferings until this Naira swap policy is not fair to us – Gov El-Rufai says

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has said anyone criticizing him and other governors opposing the New Naira Swap policy is not being fair to them. Nigerians have lashed out at him and ten other APC governors for filing a lawsuit against the Federal Government over the naira redesign policy. Governor El-Rufai has vehemently kicked against the policy and has accused the government of using the policy to cause unwarranted hardship on many Nigerians, and to work against the APC presidential candidate for the February 25 presidential election. Defending their action in an interview with Radio France International (RFI), Hausa, El-Rufai said those criticizing them are ignorant of the roles of a governor and his responsibilities. In his words; How many times did I comment on security, for three years I have been advising them not to reconcile with these bandits, lets kill them, so now people have forgotten what I said and start saying I didnt comment until this policy?Secondly, on ASUU, people have forgotten that federal universities are different from state owned, go and check Kaduna State University, they didnt go on strike because we told them that the disagreement was between federal government and its universities. We had done our part, it was federal government that didnt fulfill its promises but we didnt have problem with state universities, that why they didnt go on strike.People want us to interfere on everything but according to the constitution federal and state governments have their peculiar responsibilities and we do our own at state level. For Security issues, they (federal government) are with military and police, we know the security problems better than them because we are close to it, we told them what to do, they did so and he some and leave the rest.For example, in Kaduna State, months before the Abuja-Kaduna train was attacked, we sent letters advising to stop night travel but they ignored us. So, those saying we didnt act dont know who a governor is and his responsibilities; they dont know what we do behind the scene.Even on this naira redesign policy, we sat several times with the president and the CBN governor, all our requests and advice to no avail, we didnt have any other options than to go to court.This is what people dont know, it is not everything you discuss with the president or federal government you will tell the public. So anyone who says governors didnt show concern on peoples sufferings until this policy is not fair to us.The post Anyone who says governors didnt show concern on peoples sufferings until this Naira swap policy is not fair to us - Gov El-Rufai says appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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