Are you 35 years old lady, and you are yet to marry or have children, you feel sad because of that, sometimes you feel like you are a looser?.

What advise probably will be the best in such situations?

Shaban Shuaibu Omoko Posted new comment September 2, 2023
Shaban Shuaibu Omoko

Hey young lady… Trust me, the most important thing in life is to create happiness for yourself.
Sometimes we plan, but God plan is the best.
At 35 you are single and don’t have kids, that is your problem right?. I want you to remember that, some people who have the same reasoning like you have passed on without having the child.
Be greateful you still alive. Everyday is a new start….
So since you still alive, check yourself what actually possibly be the cause you couldn’t fine husband?.
See a relationship therapist… It will help assist you figuring things out.
However, remember you still have close to 10 years to get to your menopause… So time is still on your side…