What is the cause of recurring of sexually transmitted infection?

I’ve been taking treatment for sometimes now, but it seems that the treatment will work for some few months and infections were come back fully.

I just want to know what is the course and how to to properly treat it forever.

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Shaban Shuaibu Omoko Posted new comment September 8, 2023
Shaban Shuaibu Omoko

Hello you’re welcome.
Answer to your question varies.

But I want you to know that there are many cause of reoccurrence of sexually transmitted infection despite you have been treating it.

One of the cause of reoccurring of sexually transmitted infection, is improper treatment.
when you’re not administered with proper medication for the infection, then the infection will still come back.

One of the problem is going back to have sex with a person’s you got the infection from.

for example if a woman has a sexually transmitted infection and she treated herself without treating her partner, for example, her husband and when they both have sexual intercourse again, the infection will still comeback. Very, very important that whenever you are treating sexually transmitted infections, as a couple you should both treat at the same times the same period so as to avoid this reoccurring infection.

If somebody has infection that suppress body immune system, then the tendency for the infection to keep reoccurring will be there, if somebody has HIV, the recurrence of STD will keep happening in her or his body.